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About Us
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New Zealand Visa Expert is a privately owned company that helps people who need assistance acquiring their Resident Visa to New Zealand. Our firm is not associated with the New Zealand government, although we do work with an expert Immigration Adviser, who is approved by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA). In fact, our adviser that we collaborate with has permission from the New Zealand government to help all foreign nationals who are attempting to be included in the Skilled Migrant Category Visa Program (SMC).

Here at New Zealand Visa Expert, it is our job to help provide information, assistance, and new zealand visa expertconsultation to people who want to move to New
Zealand to work and live. There are particular requirements and recommendations that you should know, and we will help you through the process from start to finish. It is our goal to carry the weight of this endeavor for you, and thus save you much money and time.

The first thing that we will do to help you is conduct a thorough examination of all of your facts and information regarding your desire to move to New Zealand. Our Immigration Adviser that we work with will evaluate which of the New Zealand visa options would be best for you and even your family. New Zealand Visa Expert will work closely with you during this process in order to answer your questions and help you know the program for which you should apply.

There are two popular types of visas regarding immigration to New Zealand. One is called a New Zealand Resident Visa, and this is the long-term, more permanent option. If you want to not only work in New Zealand, but also move here with your family, to live, go to school, and more, this is the option for you. New Zealand Visa Expert will help you through the process of filling out all forms and verifying that they are correct. Many people love New Zealand so much that they want to make this beautiful country their permanent home.shutterstock_81136501

The second option is a New Zealand Temporary Work Visa. If you don’t want to actually move to New Zealand on a permanent basis, but you just want to work here for a designated period of time, this is the option for you. Perhaps, you have family in your country that you can’t leave, or maybe you have another job waiting for you once this job is complete. Regardless of the reason, a temporary work visa may be the best choice for you, and the Immigration Adviser at New Zealand Visa Expert will help confirm that so you will apply for the very best program for your needs.

Moving to New Zealand doesn’t need to just be a dream. Here at New Zealand Visa Expert, our Immigration Adviser and many professionals will work with you to help make those dreams come true. We are here to provide support and assistance throughout the entire New Zealand immigration process.